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Hi I’m Paul Murton, a Toronto DJ who has been a club and wedding DJ since 1974. My prices are with dj equipment or not. Currently do a lot of mobile dj party music with dj equipment. Love being a disc jockey. Because I love music that makes people dance. Can also get you some great bands. Here’s my history as a deejay in Toronto Ontario

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Below is a custom search of DJPaul Murton. Take a pass on the ads and look below. Page links are on the right. This site has samples of my DJ sets you can hear for free to check out my dj Paul Murton music skills.


Toronto DJ Paul plays Brandy's DJ Toronto 1978

80’s Alternative Dance Music DJ Paul Murton

90 Club Dance Music by DJ Paulmurton

The Blues Radio By Paul Murton

2013 Dance Music Set

Podcast # 3

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Podcast 1

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